SRE Your gRPC—Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Workshop)

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017 - 13:4017:00

Grainne Sheerin, Gabe Krabbe, and Lisa Carey, Google


Distributed systems have sharp edges, and we have a wealth of experience in cutting ourselves on them.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to specify and use gRPC-based services (including an introduction to protocol buffers). Particular emphasis will be placed on engineering for reliability in the face of inevitable failures and errors. This will include identifying and implementing appropriate strategies for different requirements and circumstances, as well as enabling effective debugging through strong instrumentation.

All topics covered will include hands-on coding exercises.

Participants need to have a working knowledge of C++, Go, Java, or Python, and must bring a laptop running the Chrome browser (and a suitable charger).

Grainne Sheerin, Google

Grainne is a Site Reliability Engineer for Google Ireland. She's a tech lead responsible for Ad Serving infrastructure and has 5 years of experience in production engineering. She a physicist, earning a doctorate in Nanoscience from Dublin City University. Prior to Google, she masqueraded as a strategic relationship manager for Reuters and a network engineer for HEAnet.

Gabe Krabbe, Google

Gabe Krabbe has been a Site Reliability Engineer at Google for over 12 years. He has worked on, and sometimes against, multiple generations of the Ads management and serving infrastructure. Before joining Google, he worked for various companies as a system administrator. He frequently tells his servers and his children that he doesn't care who started it, because it takes two to fight.

Lisa Carey, Google

Lisa Carey is a Technical Writer for Google Cloud Platform in Dublin. She has written documentation for many technologies including Protocol Buffers, gRPC, and Cloud APIs, and regularly runs writing workshops for Google engineers. She holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin.

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