Vendor exhibitor: JumpCloud

The benefits of moving computing infrastructure to the cloud are widely, if not universally, accepted. That doesn't mean it's always easy. In particular, user management can be tough. You don't want to open your Active Directory server to the whole world, but you want to be able to seamlessly manage users. And small startups might not have the resources to stand up and securely maintain their own directory service.

Enter JumpCloud. JumpCloud provides Directory-as-a-Service, allowing IT administrators to manage directory services for internal and cloud-based infrastructure. JumpCloud works with RADIUS, LDAP, and SAML and offers integrations with Slack, Google Apps, Salesforce, and others. With the JumpCloud agent, device configuration and management is possible on Windows, OS X, and Linux machines.

The JumpCloud team comes from a defense vendor background, so they understand security. They come to LISA in order to meet companies who need their service. The technical skill of LISA attendees allow for easy conversations about whether or not JumpCloud is a good fit.