Bleary Eyed CM and Piano

Mark Lamourine - 11:30pm PST, Seattle

Hello from LISA14! I got in late last night (Saturday, Nov 8) and didn't take my own advice.  I stayed up too late. Luckly I did get an hour or two of real sleep on the flight, but it made for a bleary morning.

Roundup of Women-Focused Activities at LISA14

As part of helping to create a community that’s inclusive and welcoming for everyone, LISA has several events throughout the week for women and allies. Read all about them here and start marking your calendars!

LISA14 - Day Zero

Zeroth day at LISA14!  I live in Vancouver, so travelling by bus was quick and simple...not like the people I met coming from the East Coast by plane, or by trans-continental train, or the folks I met from Belgium and Norway who were still up at (for them) 3 AM after a trans-Atlantic flight.  Found the hotel, found the (temporary) check-in desk for the conference (Metropolitan Ballroom, 3rd floor), and got my badge.  Woot!

Taking notes at LISA

You've finally made it: you're sitting in a room at LISA, waiting for that awesome tutorial to start. Or it's the workshop of your dreams -- you can't believe there are so many people interested in talking about that thing! Or it's the keynote: just you, a thousand of your closest friends, and one of your heroes about to drop wisdom from the stage. But I have bad news for you: you're not gonna remember any of it.

Taking care of yourself at LISA14

I’ve been going to LISA and USENIX ATC conferences for a long time.  A conference is an intense experience.  You have limited time and you want to want to meet everyone and see everything. While I enjoy the experience thoroughly, there have been times when I had less fun than I might have. If this is your first conference there are a few things you’ll want to think about both before you arrive and as the week goes on.

LISA14 Workshop Leaders Interview

If you've taken a look at the Workshops available at LISA this year, you’ve probably been impressed by the wide range of subjects being covered. As a small sample of what's on tap, Mark Lamourine interviewed three workshop leaders to find out more about their background and what attendees can expect.

Interview with Lee Damon

In this interview, Lee Damon, the LISA14 Lightning Talk coordinator, tells us about some of Seattle’s great sights and attractions, getting around town, and everything else you might need to know for your upcoming trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Interview with Tom Limoncelli

There’s so much at LISA to be excited about this year, it can be hard to know where to start. Here, longtime LISA attendee/presenter and author Tom Limoncelli tells us what he’s most looking forward to, who should hurry up and register if they haven’t already, and what he thinks about the future of system administration.

LISA Build: Where The Network Meets Networking

Our profession is one without a lot of formal training (though that's changing...). Instead, most of our knowledge is picked up on the job. We learn by doing.

But this has its downsides. Sure, nobody wants a "paper tiger" -- all certificates and no practical experience -- but how do you learn to do X on the job, if your job doesn't need you to do X right now? Or what if there's no one around to teach you X, or who knows the pitfalls to watch out for?

LISA14 Co-Located Events

In addition to the talks and tutorials at LISA14, there are four other full-day events held in conjunction with the conference. Learn more about these co-located events and why you should attend them.


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