Introducing the LISA14 Blog Team

We've already touched on some really notable changes in this year's LISA program. Over the next few weeks, our diverse team of bloggers will be bringing you more details about the changes to the program, the people who drove the changes in the various planning committees, and the current state of the conference in general.

LISA14: More craft, less cruft.

The schedule for LISA has just gone live.  You're looking at it, wondering idly if you'll go this year.  Scroll around, look for the usual...huh, it's not there.  Weird.  Scroll around some more.  Click some links.  Where's that talk that's there every year?  Where's the tutorial that always shows up? And what's this "LISA Labs" business?  It's like...It's almost like...

Thoughts from the Winners of Inaugural Internet Defense Prize

The awarding of the inaugural Internet Defense Prize, sponsored by Facebook, at the Wednesday evening reception of USENIX Security '14 has created quite the buzz. Click here for more details about the $50,000 prize.

Interview with John "Four" Flynn of Facebook

The Wednesday evening reception at USENIX Security '14 kicked off with an exciting announcement: the awarding of the inaugural Internet Defense Prize, sponsored by Facebook! The $50,000 prize recognizes superior quality research that combines a working prototype with significant contributions to the security of the Internet--particularly in the areas of prevention and defense.

Interview with Kyrre Begnum and Charles Border, JESA Chief Editors

Julie Miller recently interviewed Kyrre Begnum and Charles Border, the Chief Editors of the newly launched USENIX Journal of Education in System Administration (JESA).

UPDATE: The submission deadline has been extended to Sunday, August 3, 2014!

Read on to learn more about JESA, including the reasoning for its creation, the Call for Articles, and why you should attend SESA '14!

Congratulations to the 2014-2016 USENIX Board of Directors

We are pleased to present the 2014-2016 USENIX Board of Directors

President: Brian Noble, University of Michigan

Interview with Zachary N J Peterson, 3GSE '14 program chair

The USENIX Summit on Gaming, Games and Gamification in Security Education (3GSE '14) will be held August 18 and co-located with USENIX Security '14. In this interview, program chair Zachary N J Peterson offers a preview of what to expect at the first 3GSE event.

Rikki: What inspired the 3GSE event?

Interview with Dinah McNutt, URES '14 program chair

URES '14In 2014, we will be holding our first USENIX Release Engineering Summit (URES '14). Dinah McNutt, program chair for URES '14, offers a preview of what to expect at this inaugural event.

Interview with Ratul Mahajan, NSDI '14 co-chair

As we're finalizing plans for FAST '14 later this month, we're also looking ahead toward upcoming USENIX conferences. In this interview, program co-chair Ratul Mahajan offers a preview of what to expect at the 11th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI ’14), which will be held April 2-4 in Seattle, Washington.

Deadline Approaching for the LOPSA-East CFP

From our friends at LOPSA, a reminder that the Call for Participation deadline for LOPSA-EAST '14 is Friday, January 31, 2014. USENIX is pleased to be an in-cooperation sponsor.


The organizers of the LOPSA-East Professional IT Community Conference invite you to submit proposals for presentations at LOPSA-EAST '14!


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