Bleary Eyed CM and Piano

Mark Lamourine - 11:30pm PST, Seattle

Hello from LISA14! I got in late last night (Saturday, Nov 8) and didn't take my own advice.  I stayed up too late. Luckly I did get an hour or two of real sleep on the flight, but it made for a bleary morning.

I took notes for Cory Lueninghoener and Paul Krizak at the Configuration workshop today.  It was a good discussion with a good mix of experienced users and people who are just starting to implement (or migrate) CM in their environment.  It was refreshing that there weren't any tool evangelists or haters to divert the discussion. The day was broken in to four sessions, each with a different focus.  Three were full group conversations about what people currently use and what they want to learn.  The third session was a small group break-out discussion.  I sat with a group that talked about "Meta CM" and the idea of a centralized CM database.  We were pretty free with our definitions, so the discussion ranged pretty widely.  My personal interest is in Docker containers and how they may influence CM practices and we got to spend a little time with that before moving on because containers aren't really ready for it yet.

When the day's sessions ended lots of people were milling in the lobby I met Jan Saransk (sp?) at the piano on the corridor next to the registration desk.  He played a great American Pie and I added some harmonies.  Thanks!

Now it's off to dinner.  Tomorrow morning I have the Skill Tiers workshop with Matt Disney and the afternoon I'm doing the Hallway Track and hanging out in the LISA Lab.

- Mark

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