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LISA '11: Past, Present, and Future of System Administration

Recently I researched and wrote an article for The Linux Foundation on what employers want from a Linux admin. If you read that article and then look at the LISA '11 schedule, you'll see that our schedule nicely aligns with the most in-demand job skills.

From that article:

Besides the skill "Linux," the top 10 skills employers are listing in their wanted ads are:

Build a Cloud Day: LISA '11

Maybe you've heard about this little thing called the "cloud"? If so, you'll be happy to know that LISA '11 has plenty of cloud coverage: Join us on Friday, December 9th, for the CloudStack Build a Cloud Day.

The complete schedule and details are on the Cloudstack event page, but here are some highlights:

Giveaway: Subscription to ADMIN Magazine & a Technical Session Pass

Ten lucky LISA '11 registrants will score a free 1-year subscription to ADMIN Magazine, and one lucky name will be drawn for a free technical session pass to the event. If you'd like to have your name in the drawing, be sure you've registered by Friday, November 25, at 11:59PM Pacific Time. The lucky winners will be notified the week of November 28th.

LISA ’11: Carolyn Rowland on 25 Years of LISA

Since 1995, Carolyn Rowland has attended 10 LISA conferences. "I was involved in '10 as part of the Program Committee," she says. "Before that I just lurked in the hallway track." This year Carolyn, along with Mark Burgess, will be leading A Sysadmin's Guide to Navigating the Business World training.

LISA '11: Adam Moskowitz on 25 Years of LISA

Adam Moskowitz has been teaching since 1977. He started with swimming and first aid classes for the American Red Cross, then as a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard University Extension Program, then full-time for six years with Instruction Set, teaching classes in C and UNIX programming and UNIX system administration as well as "train the trainer" for those same classes. He has given tutorials at LISA and presented several talks at LISA and other conferences.

LISA '11 training: VMWare vCloud

LISA '11's virtualization training series kicks off on Sunday with an all-day session focused on VMWare's vCloud product. vCloud allows administrators to set up internal clouds, run on external cloud providers, or use a mix of the two.

Ben Rockwood Interview

One of the benefits of being the "Blog Team Lead" is that I get to pick who I want to interview. The first person I selected was Ben Rockwood, long time blogger at Cuddletech and DevOps guru / practitioner. I've admired his writing for a long time, and I jumped at the chance to speak with him about his keynote address and DevOps in general.



LISA '11: Deb Nicholson on 25 Years of LISA

Deb Nicholson has more than 15 years of non-profit management experience and got involved in the free software movement about five years ago. Currently she splits her time between MediaGoblin, a federated media-hosting start-up, Open Hatch, a non-profit dedicated to identifying and mentoring new free software contributors, and Harvard, where she is working on a graduate degree in Information Technology.

LISA '11: AEleen Frisch on 25 Years of LISA

Æleen Frisch has worked as a sys admin for more than 20 years and is the author of Essential System Administration (now in its 3rd edition from O'Reilly). Currently, Frisch looks after a pathologically heterogeneous network of UNIX and Windows systems. Frisch was the program committee chair for LISA '03 and is a frequent presenter at USENIX events, as well as presenting classes for universities and corporations worldwide.

25 Years of LISA: Share your memories

In honor of the 25th annual LISA conference this year, we'll be sharing stories and memories from some of the speakers, organizers, and attendees who make each LISA such a success.  A note from LISA co-chair Tom Limoncelli: