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    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumBetter Widget Design: A Practioner's ApproachEd Lycklama
    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumImplementing a Generalized Drag-and-Drop in XCui-Qing Yang, Shrinand Desai
    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumSpanning the Technology Generation Gap: Experiences Upgrading a Network Management Application to UnixJay S. Lark, Pierre Osborne
    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumPorting and Maintaining with X and Motif: A Project RetrospectivePaul Davey
    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumSoftware Design for InstallabilitySteve Simmons
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceThe Object Binary Interface: C++ Objects for Evolvable Shared Class LibrariesTheodore Goldstein, Alan Sloane
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Framework for Building Extensible C++ Class Libraries Arindam Banerji, David Cohn, Dinesh Kulkarni
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceImplementing Signatures for C++ Gerald Baumgartner, Vince Russo
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceBase Class Composition with Multiple Derivation and Virtual BasesLee Nackman, John Barton
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceStatic Type Determination for C++Hemant Pande, Barbara Ryder
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSupporting Truly Object-Oriented Debugging of C++ ProgramsJames Coplien
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceHotWire -- A Visual Debugger for C++ Chris Laffra, Ashok Malhotra
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Customizable Memory Management FrameworkGiuseppe Attardi, Tito Flagella
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSafe, Efficient Garbage Collection for C++John R. Ellis, David L. Detlefs
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceTemplate Base DelegationTed Law
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceC++ Design and Implementation Challenges in Technology Computer Aided Design FrameworksGoodwin Chin, Dharini Sitaraman, Chung Yang, Martin Giles
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceAn Object-Oriented Framework for Developing Distributed ApplicationsDouglas Schmidt
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceInterface Translation and Implementation FilteringMark Linton, Douglas Pan
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Poor Man's Approach to String-Based Interfacing of C++ ObjectsThomas Kofler, Bruno Schaeffer, Walter Bischofberger
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSharing Between Translation Units in C++ Program DatabasesSamuel Kendall, Glenn Allinn
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Dossier Driven Persistent Objects FacilityRobert Mecklenburg, Benny Yih, Gary Lindstrom, Charles Clark
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFinding Similar Files in a Large File SystemUdi Manber
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical Conferencecql - A Flat File Database Query LanguageGlenn Fowler
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceGLIMPSE: A Tool to Search Through Entire File SystemsUdi Manber, Sun Wu
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceDrinking from the Firehose: Multicast USENET NewsKurt J. Lidl, Josh Osborne, Joe Malcolm