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    UNIX Security '93The TAMU Security Package: An Ongoing Response to Internet Intruders in an Academic EnvironmentDave Safford, Douglas Lee Schales
    UNIX Security '93The Persistent HackerEduardo Rodriguez
    UNIX Security '93Sendmail Without the SuperuserMark E. Carson
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumIs Microkernel Technology Well Suited for the Support of Object-Oriented Systems: The Guide ExperienceR. Balter, P. Y. Chevalier, A. Freyssinet, D. Hagimont, S. Lacourte, X. Rousset de Pina
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumObject-Oriented Transaction Processing in the KeyKOS Microkernel William S. Frantz, Charles R. Landau
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumFrom V to Vanguard: The Evolution of a Distributed Object-Oriented Microkernel InterfaceRoss Finlayson, Mark D. Honnecke, Steven Goldberg
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumDesign and Implementation of an Object-Oriented 64-bit Single Address Space MicrokernelKevin Murray, Tim Wilkinson, Peter Osmon, Ashley Saulsbury, Tom Stiemerling, Paul Kelly
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumExperimentation with a Reconfigurable MicrokernelBodhisattwa Mukherjee, Karsten Schwan
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumCohabitation and Cooperation of Chorus and MacOSChristian Bac, Edmond Garnier
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumKernel Support for the Wisconsin Wind TunnelSteven K. Reinhardt, Babak Falsafi, David A. Wood
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumRT-IPC: An IPC Extension for Real-Time MachTakuro Kitayama, Hideyuki Tokuda, Tatsuo Nakajima
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumFast Interrupt Priority Management in Operating System KernelsDaniel Stodolsky, J. Brad Chen, Brian Bershad
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumUser Level IPC and Device Management in the Raven KernelD. Stuart Ritchie, Gerald W. Neufeld
    USENIX Microkernels and Other Architectures SymposiumA Flexible External Paging InterfaceYousef A. Khalidi, Mike N. Nelson
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumDisconnected Operation for AFSLarry B. Huston, Peter Honeyman
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumExperience with Disconnected Operation in a Mobile EnvironmentM. Satyanarayanan, James J. Kistler, Lily B. Mummert, Maria R. Ebling, Puneet Kumar, Qi Lu
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumUsing Prospero to Support Integrated Location-Independent ComputingB. Clifford Neuman, Steven Seger Augart, Shantaprasad Upasani
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumThe Qualcomm CDMA Digital Cellular SystemPhil Karn
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumAn Infrared Network for Mobile ComputersNorman Adams, Bill N. Schilit, Rich Gold, Michael Tso, Roy Want
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumUNIX For Nomads: Making UNIX Support Mobile ComputingMichael Bender, Alexander Davidson, Clark Dong, Steven Drach, Anthony Glenning, Karl Jacob, Jack Jia, James Kempf, Nachiappan Periakaruppan, Gale Snow, Becky Wong
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumA Mobile Networking System Based on Internet Protocol (IP)Pravin Bhagwat, Charles E. Perkins
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumProviding Connection-Oriented Network Services to Mobile HostsKimberly Keeton, Bruce A. Mah, Srinivasan Seshan, Randy H. Katz, Domenico Ferrari
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumAgent-Mediated Message Passing for Constrained EnvironmentsAndrew Athan, Daniel Duchamp
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumLocal Area Mobile Computing on Stock Hardware and Mostly Stock SoftwareTerri Watson, Brian N. Bershad
    USENIX Mobile & Location-Independent Computing SymposiumExperiences with X in a Wireless EnvironmentChristopher A. Kantarjiev, Alan Demers, Ron Frederick, Robert T. Krivacic, Mark Weiser