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    Beyond VDI: Why Thin Client Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures Aren't Cutting ItLISA '08Monica Lam
    "Standard Deviations" of the "Average" System AdministratorLISA '08Alva L. Couch
    Deterministic System AdministrationLISA '08Andrew Hume
    Designing, Building, and Populating a 10-Megawatt DatacenterLISA '08Doug Hughes
    The State of Electronic Voting, 2008LISA '08David Wagner
    WTFM: Documentation and the System AdministratorLISA '08Janice Gelb
    Fighting Spam with pfLISA '08Dan Langille
    OpenSolaris and the Direction of Future Operating SystemsLISA '08James Hughes
    Auditing UNIX File SystemsLISA '08Raphael Reich
    Mac OS X: From the Server Room to Your PocketLISA '08Jordan Hubbard
    An Open Audit of an Open Certification AuthorityLISA '08Ian Grigg
    Reconceptualizing SecurityLISA '08Bruce Schneier
    Does Your House Have Lions? Controlling for the Risk from Trusted InsidersLISA '08Marcel Simon
    Spine: Automating Systems Configuration and ManagementLISA '08Rafi Khardalian
    How to Proceed When 1000 Call Agents Tell You, "My Computer Is Slow": Creating a User Experience Monitoring SystemLISA '08Tobias Oetiker
    How to Stop Hating MySQL: Fixing Common Mistakes and MythsLISA '08Sheeri K. Cabral
    Integrating Linux (and UNIX and Mac) Identity Management in Microsoft Active DirectoryLISA '08Mike Patnode
    Programming the Virtual InfrastructureLISA '08Paul Anderson
    Keynote Address Implementing Intellipedia Within a "Need to Know" CultureLISA '08Sean Dennehy
    An Empirical Security Study of the Native Code in the JDKUSENIX Security '08Gang Tan, Jason Croft
    AutoISES: Automatically Inferring Security Specification and Detecting ViolationsUSENIX Security '08Lin Tan, Xiaolan Zhang, Xiao Ma, Weiwei Xiong, Yuanyuan Zhou
    Real-World Buffer Overflow Protection for Userspace & KernelspaceUSENIX Security '08Michael Dalton, Hari Kannan, Christos Kozyrakis
    Managing Insecurity: Practitioner Reflections on Social Costs of SecurityUSENIX Security '08Darren Lacey
    Verifying Compliance of Trusted ProgramsUSENIX Security '08Sandra Rueda, Dave King, Trent Jaeger