The Case for Benchmarking Control Operations in Cloud Native Storage


Alex Merenstein, Stony Brook University; Vasily Tarasov, Ali Anwar, Deepavali Bhagwat, Lukas Rupprecht, and Dimitris Skourtis, IBM Research–Almaden; Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University


Storage benchmarking tools and methodologies today suffer from a glaring gap—they are incomplete because they omit storage control operations, such as volume creation and deletion, snapshotting, and volume reattachment and resizing. Control operations are becoming a critical part of cloud storage systems, especially in containerized environments like Kubernetes, where such operations can be executed by regular non-privileged users. While plenty of tools exist that simulate realistic data and metadata workloads, control operations are largely overlooked by the community and existing storage benchmarks do not generate control operations. Therefore, for cloud native environments, modern storage benchmarks fall short of serving their main purpose—holistic and realistic performance evaluation. Different storage provisioning solutions implement control operations indifferent ways, which means we need a unified storage benchmark to contrast and comprehend their performance and expected behaviors. In this position paper, we motivate the need for a cloud native storage benchmark by demonstrating the effect of control operations on storage provisioning solutions and workloads. We identify the challenges and requirements when implementing such benchmark and present our initial ideas for its design.

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