USENIX ATC '20 Registration Information

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 8, 11:59 pm PDT

Registration Fees

You may register for USENIX ATC '20 and the HotCloud '20 and HotStorage '20 workshops, or just the workshops. The registration deadline is 11:59 pm PDT on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

Standard Rate USENIX Advocate
Member Rate
USENIX Student
Member Rate
USENIX Sustainer (or Higher) Member Rate
and Workshops
$125 $65 $50 $0
Workshops Only $60 $0 $0 $0

USENIX members at the Sustainer level or higher receive free entry to USENIX ATC '20 and both workshops. USENIX Student members receive either $75 off registration to USENIX ATC '20 and both workshops or free entry to only the workshops. USENIX members at the Advocate level receive either $60 off registration to USENIX ATC '20 and both workshops or free entry to only the workshops. Log in to access your discount code before you register.

Refunds and Cancellations

We are unable to offer refunds, cancellations, or substitutions for any registrations for this event. Please contact the Conference Department at with any questions.

Join USENIX now to receive the member rate! In addition to granting access to USENIX ATC '20, HotCloud '20, and HotStorage '20, as well as to USENIX member benefits, your membership dollars help support the following:

Making content and research open and available to all. Since 2008, we've made our conference proceedings and recordings of presentations featuring groundbreaking research and novel ideas available free of charge under our open access policy.

Conferences and events. We not only offer valuable content but also help forge strong professional and personal connections with other community members.

Our Diversity Grant and Student Grant Programs. We are committed to the future of advanced computing systems. Through our grant programs, we have supported conference participation for thousands of student researchers and members of underrepresented groups in the field. We also engage people of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in leadership roles throughout the organization.

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