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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    vTPM: Virtualizing the Trusted Platform ModuleUSENIX Security '06Stefan Berger, Ramón Cáceres, Kenneth A. Goldman, Ronald Perez, Reiner Sailer, Leendert van Doorn
    Designing Voting Machines for VerificationUSENIX Security '06Naveen Sastry
    Academic Department or Corporate Lab, Which Fits?USENIX Security '06Bill Aiello
    DRM Wars: The Next GenerationUSENIX Security '06Ed Felten
    SigFree: A Signature-free Buffer Overflow Attack BlockerUSENIX Security '06Xinran Wang, Chi-Chun Pan
    Polymorphic Blending AttacksUSENIX Security '06Prahlad Fogla, Monirul Sharif, Roberto Perdisci, Oleg Kolesnikov, Wenke Lee
    Dynamic Application-Layer Protocol Analysis for Network Intrusion DetectionUSENIX Security '06Holger Dreger, Anja Feldmann
    Behavior-based Spyware DetectionUSENIX Security '06Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel
    Static Detection of Security Vulnerabilities in Scripting LanguagesUSENIX Security '06Yichen Xie, Alex Aiken
    Rule-Based Static Analysis of Network Protocol ImplementationsUSENIX Security '06Octavian Udrea, Cristian Lumezanu
    Major Security Blunders of the Past 30 YearsUSENIX Security '06Virgil Gligor, Peter Neumann
    Aspect-Oriented Programming: Radical Research in ModularityUSENIX Security '06Gregor Kiczales
    SANE: A Protection Architecture for Enterprise NetworksUSENIX Security '06Martin Casado, Tal Garfinkel, Aditya Akella, Michael J. Freedman, Dan Boneh, Nick McKeown
    PHAS: A Prefix Hijack Alert SystemUSENIX Security '06Mohit Lad, Daniel Massey, Dan Pei, Yiguo Wu, Beichuan Zhang, Lixia Zhang
    Passive Data Link Layer 802.11 Wireless Device Driver FingerprintingUSENIX Security '06Jason Franklin, Damon McCoy
    Turing Around the Security ProblemUSENIX Security '06Crispin Cowan
    Milk or Wine: Does Software Security Improve with Age?USENIX Security '06Andy Ozment, Stuart E. Schechter
    N-Variant Systems: A Secretless Framework for Security through DiversityUSENIX Security '06Benjamin Cox, David Evans
    Taint-Enhanced Policy Enforcement: A Practical Approach to Defeat a Wide Range of AttacksUSENIX Security '06Wei Xu, Sandeep Bhatkar, R. Sekar
    Signaling Vulnerabilities in Law Enforcement Wiretapping SystemsUSENIX Security '06Matt Blaze
    How to Build a Low-Cost, Extended-Range RFID SkimmerUSENIX Security '06Ilan Kirschenbaum, Avishai Wool
    Keyboards and Covert ChannelsUSENIX Security '06Gaurav Shah, Andres Molina
    Lessons from the Sony CD DRM EpisodeUSENIX Security '06J. Alex Halderman, Edward W. Felten
    Usable Security: Quo Vadis?USENIX Security '06Dirk Balfanz, Konstantin Beznosov, Paul Van Oorschot, Ka-Ping Yee
    Security Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Attack Patterns: 15 Years of Art, Pseudo-Science, Fun, and ProfitUSENIX Security '06Ivan Arce