NetTLP: A Development Platform for PCIe devices in Software Interacting with Hardware


Yohei Kuga and Ryo Nakamura, The University of Tokyo; Takeshi Matsuya, Keio University; Yuji Sekiya, The University of Tokyo


Observability on data communication is always essential for prototyping, developing, and optimizing communication systems. However, it is still challenging to observe transactions flowing inside PCI Express (PCIe) links despite them being a key component for emerging peripherals such as smart NICs, NVMe, and accelerators. To offer the practical observability on PCIe and for productively prototyping PCIe devices, we propose NetTLP, a development platform for software PCIe devices that can interact with hardware root complexes. On the NetTLP platform, software PCIe devices on top of IP network stacks can send and receive Transaction Layer Packets (TLPs) to and from hardware root complexes or other devices through Ethernet links, an Ethernet and PCIe bridge called a NetTLP adapter, and PCIe links. This paper describes the NetTLP platform and its implementation: the NetTLP adapter and LibTLP, which is a software implementation of the PCIe transaction layer. Moreover, this paper demonstrates the usefulness of NetTLP through three use cases: (1) observing TLPs sent from four commercial PCIe devices, (2) 400 LoC software Ethernet NIC implementation that performs an actual NIC for a hardware root complex, and (3) physical memory introspection.

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