USENIX Mailing List Policy

The USENIX Association's postal mailing list consists of members and related computing systems professionals who attend high-level technical conferences and workshops. These lists are made available for one-time usage only to carefully selected Media Partners, Sponsors, and organizations who are USENIX Supporters.

Source: USENIX and LISA Membership, Conference Registration. Lists include only postal information for those members and conference attendees who have agreed to receive direct mail solicitations. We do not release email information about our members or conference attendees. Our postal mail lists are updated continuously.

These members and conference attendees represent the largest concentration of knowledge in advanced computing systems, systems design, engineering, implementation and practice. Most work as software engineers, developers or system administrators; many combine these skills in their jobs. These professionals specify, recommend and authorize the purchase of *NIX hardware and software, primarily for large installations.

LISA is the USENIX Special Interest Group for Sysadmins. It is organized to advance the status of computer system administration as a profession, establish standards of professional excellence and recognize those who attain them, develop guidelines for improving the technical and managerial capabilities of members of the profession, and promote activities that advance the state of the art or the community.

Our lists are made available on a limited basis to USENIX Supporters, and to select exchange partners as designated by the Marketing Director. USENIX reserves the right to reject an order at any time.

Rental charges: - $100/M for USENIX and LISA Supporters  - Plus $50 shipping and handling charge - Minimum Charge: $500 for USENIX and LISA Supporters

Addressing: - 4-up Cheshire - Disk with ASCII text tab-delimited format

Policies: - A sample of the mailing piece must accompany all orders. - Mail date required - List delivered to recognized mailhouse only - $50 Order Cancellation Fee

USENIX reserves the right to reject an order at any time