Computing Systems 1992

A quarterly publication of the USENIX Association

Volume 5 • Number 3 • Summer 1992

USENIX Association and Editorial Board

Greetings by Michael D. O'Dell, Editor-in-Chief

Fine-Grained Access Control in a Transactional Object-Oriented System by Luis-Felipe Cabrera, Allen W. Luniewski, and James W. Stamos, IBM Almaden Research Center

Choices, Frameworks and Refinement by Roy H. Campbell, Nayeem Islam, and Peter Madany, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Implementing Atomic Objects with the RelaX Transaction Facility by Michael Mock and Reinhold Kroeger, GMD; Vinny Cahill, Trinity College, Dublin

Architectural and Operating System Support for Orthogonal Persistence by John Rosenberg, University of Sydney, Australia

Casper: a Cached Architecture Supporting Persistence by Francis Vaughan, Tracy Lo Basso, Alan Dearle, Chris Marlin, and Chris Barter, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Corrigendum to "A Critique of the Inheritance Principles of C++" by Markku Sakkinen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

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