Computing Systems 1991

A quarterly publication of the USENIX Association

Volume 4 • Number 1 • Winter 1991

USENIX Association and Editorial Board

Greetings by Michael D. O'Dell, Editor-in-Chief

A System for Algorithm Animation by Jon L. Bentley and Brian W. Kernighan, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Architecture and Implementation of Guide, an Object-Oriented Distributed System by R. Balter, J. Bernadat, D. Decouchant, A. Duda, A. Freyssinet, S. Krakowiak, M. Meysembourg, P. Le Dot, H. Nguyen Van, E. Paire, M. Riveill, C. Roisin, X. Rousset de Pina, R. Scioville, and G. Vandôme, Unité Mixte Bull-IMAG

Controversy: The Case Against Multiple Inheritance in C++ by T.A. Cargill, Consultant

Contributors to This Issue