USENIX Name Change Policy

As approved by the USENIX Board of Directors on May 27, 2021

Author names are an important part of the scholarly record, but names may change over time for various reasons (e.g., marital status, gender identity). USENIX respects the rights of authors to update the names on their published works and will modify an author's name, upon their request, across any and all of their prior USENIX publications, including refereed papers, proceedings, talks, journals, and websites. This policy applies only to digital assets; previously printed materials will not be reprinted.

To make a request, authors may email with a list of USENIX publications they would like modified. There is no need to obtain permission from co-authors. USENIX will make the requested changes discreetly. Unless otherwise requested, USENIX will also ensure that only the new name(s) will be associated with the author's works in the search functionality on the USENIX website.

USENIX is responsible for changes made only on its own digital publishing platforms and cannot control the use or appearance of an author's prior name in print, in non-USENIX archives or collections, or any other venue managed by other publishers.