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    Designing Voting Machines for VerificationUSENIX Security '06Naveen Sastry
    Academic Department or Corporate Lab, Which Fits?USENIX Security '06Bill Aiello
    Exploiting MMS Vulnerabilities to Stealthily Exhaust Mobile Phone's BatteryUSENIX Security '06Radmilo Racic, Denys Ma, Hao Chen
    Applying Machine-model Based Countermeasure Design to Improve Protection Against Code Injection Attacks USENIX Security '06Yves Younan, Frank Piessens, Wouter Joosen
    Building a Trusted Network Connect Evaluation Test BedUSENIX Security '06Jesus Molina
    The SAAM Project at UBCUSENIX Security '06Jason Crampton, Wing Leung
    ID-SAVE: Incrementally Deployable Source Address Validity EnforcementUSENIX Security '06Toby Ehrenkranz
    Automatic Repair ValidationUSENIX Security '06Michael E. Locasto, Matthew Burnside, Angelos D. Keromytis
    Secure Software Updates: Not ReallyUSENIX Security '06Kevin Fu
    The Utility vs. Strength Tradeoff: Anonymization for Log SharingUSENIX Security '06Kiran Lakkaraju
    Malware Prevalence in the KaZaA File-Sharing NetworkUSENIX Security '06Jaeyeon Jung
    Election AuditsUSENIX Security '06Arel Cordero
    The Joe-E Subset of JavaUSENIX Security '06Adrian Mettler
    Prerendered User Interfaces for Higher-Assurance Electronic VotingUSENIX Security '06Ka-Ping Yee
    Fine-Grained Secure Localization for 802.11 NetworksUSENIX Security '06Patrick Traynor
    KernelSecNetUSENIX Security '06Manigandan Radhakrishnan, Jon A. Solworth
    Taking Malware Detection To The Next Level (Down)USENIX Security '06Adrienne Felt, Nathanael Paul, David Evans, Sudhanva Gurumurthi
    Data Sandboxing for ConfidentialityUSENIX Security '06Tejas Khatiwala, Raj Swaminathan
    Opening RemarksUSENIX ATC '06
    PlanetLab: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Planetary-Scale Infrastructure USENIX ATC '06Larry Peterson
    Deploying a Sensor Network on an Active Volcano USENIX ATC '06Matt Welsh
    Panel: Open Source Software Business Models USENIX ATC '06Mike Olsen, Brian Aker, Miguel de Icaza
    Success, Failure, and Alternative Solutions for Network Security USENIX ATC '06Peiter "Mudge" Zatko
    Panel: Is University Systems Teaching and Research Relevant to Industry? USENIX ATC '06Gernot Heiser
    Architectures and Algorithms for Biomolecular Simulation USENIX ATC '06Cliff Young