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    Specializing General-Purpose Computing: A New Approach to Designing Clusters for High-Performance Technical ComputingUSENIX ATC '07Win Treese
    Using Provenance to Aid in Personal File SearchUSENIX ATC '07Sam Shah, Craig A.N. Soules, Gregory R. Ganger, Brian D. Noble
    Supporting Practical Content-Addressable Caching with CZIP Compression USENIX ATC '07KyoungSoo Park, Sunghwan Ihm, Mic Bowman, Vivek S. Pai
    Short Paper: Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy File Block MatchingUSENIX ATC '07Bo Han, Pete Keleher
    Live Malware Attack!USENIX ATC '07Paul Ducklin
    From Trusted to Secure: Building and Executing Applications That Enforce System SecurityUSENIX ATC '07Boniface Hicks, Sandra Rueda, Trent Jaeger
    From STEM to SEAD: Speculative Execution for Automated Defense USENIX ATC '07Michael E. Locasto, Angelos Stavrou, Gabriela F. Cretu, Angelos D. Keromytis
    Dynamic Spyware AnalysisUSENIX ATC '07Manuel Egele, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda, Heng Yin, Dawn Song
    LiveJournal's Backend TechnologiesUSENIX ATC '07Brad Fitzpatrick
    Evaluating Block-level Optimization Through the IO Path USENIX ATC '07Alma Riska
    DiskSeen: Exploiting Disk Layout and Access History to Enhance I/O Prefetch USENIX ATC '07Xiaoning Ding, Song Jiang, Feng Chen, Kei Davis, Xiaodong Zhang
    Short Paper: A Memory Soft Error Measurement on Production Systems USENIX ATC '07Xin Li, Kai Shen, Michael C. Huang, Lingkun Chu
    MapReduce and Other Building Blocks for Large-Scale Distributed Systems at GoogleUSENIX ATC '07Jeffrey Dean
    Hyperion: High Volume Stream Archival for Retrospective Querying USENIX ATC '07Peter Desnoyers, Prashant Shenoy
    Events Can Make SenseUSENIX ATC '07Maxwell Krohn, Eddie Kohler, M. Frans Kaashoek
    MapJAX: Data Structure Abstractions for Asynchronous Web Applications USENIX ATC '07Daniel S. Myers, Jennifer N. Carlisle, James A. Cowling, Barbara H. Liskov
    Sprockets: Safe Extensions for Distributed File Systems USENIX ATC '07Daniel Peek, Edmund B. Nightingale, Brett D. Higgins, Puspesh Kumar, Jason Flinn
    Second LifeUSENIX ATC '07Rob Lanphier, Mark Lentczner
    Opening Remarks, Awards, KeynoteUSENIX ATC '07
    Keynote Address The Impact of Virtualization on Computing Systems USENIX ATC '07Mendel Rosenblum
    Energy Management for Hypervisor-Based Virtual Machines USENIX ATC '07Jan Stoess, Christian Lang, Frank Bellosa
    Xenprobes, a Lightweight User-Space Probing Framework for Xen Virtual Machine USENIX ATC '07Nguyen Anh Quynh, Kuniyasu Suzaki
    Virtual Machine Memory Access Tracing with Hypervisor Exclusive CacheUSENIX ATC '07Pin Lu and Kai Shen
    Life Is Not a State-Machine: The Long Road from Research to ProductionUSENIX ATC '07Werner Vogels
    Load Shedding in Network Monitoring ApplicationsUSENIX ATC '07Pere Barlet-Ros, Gianluca Iannaccone, Josep Sanjuàs-Cuxart, Diego Amores-López, Josep Solé-Pareta