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    The Only Constant Is Change: Lessons from a 25 Year SRE CareerSREcon23 Asia/PacificAndrew Ryan
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    Transformation Journey of E2E Customer Flow Testing to Proactive Synthetic Monitoring SystemSREcon23 Asia/PacificAnanth Jayaraman, Rex Pravin L
    Performance Testing in Keptn Using K6SREcon23 Asia/PacificJainam Shah
    Distributed Tracing: Adaptive and Telemetry-Based Approach for Effective Monitoring of Any Modern Application StackSREcon23 Asia/PacificSusobhit Panigrahi
    Hold My Beer - Load Testing. In Production. On Autopilot.SREcon23 Asia/PacificSlava Antonenko
    Mastering Chaos: Achieving Fault Tolerance with Observability-Driven Prioritized Load SheddingSREcon23 Asia/PacificHarjot Gill, Hardik Shingala
    Beyond Observability - Aligning Technology Performance to Business OutcomesSREcon23 Asia/PacificStephen Townshend
    Multicloud and the Chamber of SecretsSREcon23 Asia/PacificMichael Kehoe
    Fighting Financial Crimes as an SRESREcon23 Asia/PacificAnisha Manoharan
    What Is Linux Kernel Keystore and Why You Should Use It in Your Next ApplicationSREcon23 Asia/PacificIgnat Korchagin
    Giving Away Your Secrets: Opening Metrics Up to UsersSREcon23 Asia/PacificAlexander Ananiadis
    From "Keeping the Lights On" to "Designing the LEDs": A Detailed Review of Our Journey Transforming 500+ EngineersSREcon23 Asia/PacificIan David Hamilton, Sriram Subramanian
    Lessons Learned Running GKE Clusters on Spot Instances.SREcon23 Asia/PacificOlga Mirensky
    Humane On-callSREcon23 Asia/PacificMartin Barry
    Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Predicting Storage Device Failures in Data CentersSREcon23 Asia/PacificFanjing Meng, David Cesarano
    Are We All on the Same Page? Let's Fix ThatSREcon23 Asia/PacificLuis Mineiro
    Functional Resonance Analysis: Diagramming Your SystemSREcon23 Asia/PacificTanner Lund
    Cultivating Accountability and ResilienceSREcon23 Asia/PacificSandeep Hooda
    Untangling the Tangled CloudSREcon23 Asia/PacificJoshua Fox
    Start Small, Scale Big: Building and Scaling Platforms and SRE Culture at StartupsSREcon23 Asia/PacificYash Shanker Srivastava
    Better Observability with No Code ChangesSREcon23 Asia/PacificTyler Benson
    SRE Engagement Model Transition in Building and Expanding SRE TeamSREcon23 Asia/PacificShimpei Sasano, Ryotaro Takeda
    The Secret Weapon for a Successful SRE Career - And It's Not What You Think!SREcon23 Asia/PacificLuke Mundy
    Taming Spiky Log Volumes: Maintaining Real-Time Log Accessibility with KaldbSREcon23 Asia/PacificSuman Karumuri