Data Storage Day Sponsors and Exhibitors

Please join us at the Cambridge Computer Storage Pavilion, located in Exhibit Hall 'C' at the Wardman Park Marriott, Washington D.C.

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Wednesday, November 6, 12:00 - 7:00 P.M.

Thursday, November 7, 10:00 - 2:00 P.M.

Pavilion Vendors

Amplidata provides a “true” fully abstracted Software Defined Storage platform for Big Data. It enables customers to deploy turnkey large-storage infrastructures that meet the highest reliability and availability requirements at the lowest possible cost.
The AmpliStor system delivers such high levels of data durability (ten 9′s, fifteen 9′s – or beyond) that it can actually consolidate multiple existing tiers of storage. Typically customers deploy these multiple tiers to provide assurance for data durability: tier 1 (disk) + tier 2 (disk), or tier 2 (disk) + tier 3 (tape), or multiple copies on tape. With AmpliStor, a single instance of data provides much higher durability – thereby saving you tremendously on both capital and operational costs. AmpliStor can even come close to the TCO of two copies on tape, while providing the convenience, management ease, accessibility of disk, along with scalable, multi-gigabyte throughput.


Avere Systems
Avere Systems brings to the market NAS optimization products specifically to scale performance and capacity separately and take advantage of new storage media using dynamic tiering. Avere's appliances allow organizations to achieve unlimited application performance scaling, free applications from the confines of the data center by eliminating latency, and cut storage costs by more than 50%.
Cambridge Computer   Sponsor and Premium Exhibitor, Cambridge Computer Storage Pavilion
Cambridge Computer specializes in storage networking, data protection, and digital archiving technologies. For nearly twenty years, we have helped our clients identify their needs, devise long-term storage management strategies, and compare technologies from different hardware and software manufacturers. Recommending customized solutions often comes at no cost to our customer. Our professional services include consulting, integration, project management, and knowledge transfer. Our technical expertise is known throughout the storage industry. Our clients include leading corporations, major financial institutions, top universities, the most vital of government facilities, as well as small to medium size businesses. Allow us to apply our creativity to design a solution that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.
Code 42 Software
Code 42 Software has been protecting the world's information since 2001. Its enterprise backup solution, CrashPlan PROe, provides people-friendly, enterprise and university-tough backup. Engineered with laptops in mind, it's continuous backup that won't slow you down, and its self-service restores free up IT. Visit to learn more!

Fujitsu platform products are based on scalable, reliable, and high-performance server, storage, software, point-of-sale, and mobile technologies. Fujitsu service and support organizations are driven by our firm belief that your satisfaction must continue after the sale. To that end, we offer a range of support plans that allows you to choose the plan that best meets your business and financial needs. Fujitsu America, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited.

Imation is a global data storage and information security company. Imation’s Nexsan portfolio features solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems, secure automated archive solutions and high-density enterprise storage arrays..
Qualstar's XLS Enterprise Libraries scale from 250 terabytes to over 35 petabytes. Unique Compass Architecture™ reduces wear and power consumption, yielding greater reliability and lower operating costs. The new RLS-8500 Rack Mount Libraries offer capacities exceeding 340 terabytes and house up to five LTO 5 drives in compact 10U chassis.
SolidFire is the market leader in high-performance data storage systems designed for large-scale public and private cloud infrastructure. Leveraging an all-flash scale-out architecture with patented volume-level quality of service (QoS) control, providers can now guarantee storage performance to thousands of applications within a shared infrastructure.
Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of affordable feature-rich storage arrays that are dramatically faster, and can store more data than standard arrays. Incorporating Tegile’s unique metadata handling technology, MASS™, Zebi arrays deliver caching and on the fly de-duplication and compression for primary storage.
Veeam Software is an international company with more than 30,000 customers worldwide that's currently adding 1,500 new customers per month. Founded in 2006, Veeam is known for its Windows Server management solutions that help customers reduce costs, minimize risks and fully realize the promise of virtualization.
Xyratex's high performance and easy to manage ClusterStor™ scale out storage solution for HPC and Big Data, aggressively collapses and consolidates the Lustre® file system into modular building blocks enabling unprecedented linear performance scalability, specifically suited for data intensive applications in research, energy, defense, and life sciences markets.