Advertising Opportunities

For over 35 years the volunteers and computer professionals at USENIX have worked toward the advancement of the computer technology industry by consistently providing topic-specific forums for informative and relevant technical dialog. USENIX and LISA members are highly regarded academics, engineers, system administrators, developers, and students, and therefore integral to the development of our internationally renowned community. The best way to reach our members is to earn their respect as part of this community effort.

As a not-for-profit organization, we have very clearly defined policies regarding member privacy, the use of our mailing lists, and advertising opportunities.

Advertising FAQs

What opportunities are available?

  1. Mailing List Rental

    USENIX maintains a postal address database of members and non-members, with selects available according to country, state, membership classification, and conference attendance. All members and conference attendees are included in the postal mailing lists unless otherwise requested.

    Use of the USENIX postal mailing list is restricted to certain levels of USENIX Supporters of the Association and to select partners. Approved partners and supporters must provide a sample of the mail piece and use a bonded, third-party mailhouse. All mailing lists are intended for a single use only. All information in USENIX mailing lists is the property of the USENIX Association. Retention and reuse of mailing list information are considered violations of USENIX policies. For more information on our postal mailing list, please see the USENIX Mailing List Policy.

    Privacy is a pressing issue with our members, and our policies reflect their wants and needs. USENIX does not release the email addresses of our members and attendees.


  2. Advertising in ;login:

    ;login: is a members-only magazine published by the USENIX Association. Written by USENIX members, ;login: is a respected source of technical information and news.

    Advertising in ;login: is primarily available to our sponsors, Corporate Supporters, and selected partners of USENIX and LISA. See our Advertising in ;login: page for further information.


  3. Advertising in Conference Directories

    USENIX conferences have earned a reputation for reaching the best of the technical industry through excellent programs, speakers, and organization. If you are looking to meet and greet our membership, participating in our conferences is the key.

    Each conference attendee receives a program directory of the speakers, sessions, sponsors, exhibitors, and events. Advertising in this directory gives you a direct link to highly technical professionals in top companies. Advertising is a benefit for conference sponsors and exhibitors and selected USENIX partners.


  4. Web Buttons and Text Links

    Our Corporate Supporters are listed with a link on our home page.  Supporters of USENIX and LISA are also entitled to a logo and linking URL from our Supporters page. Conference sponsors and exhibitors will be asked to send a logo and linking URL for the sponsorship pages of the conference in which they are participating.


How do we get approved for advertising and mailing list rental?

  1. Become a USENIX Supporter

    As part of their benefits, certain levels of Corporate Supporters are allowed a one-time rental of a specific mailing list and one full-page ad in ;login:.


  2. Participate in a USENIX Conference

    Participating as a sponsor or exhibitor at one of our conferences is a way to reach your target audience face to face. Sponsor and exhibitor benefits can include directory advertising, Web logo/links, inclusion in exhibition and conference advertising, and options for hosting special onsite events (with or without givaways), as well as numerous formal and informal networking opportunities.

    See our schedule of conferences or contact for more information on sponsorship and conference details.


  3. Partner with USENIX and LISA

    Customized reciprocal trades and exchanges are part of USENIX's relationship with many organizations. Partnerships provide ideal tools for reaching your specific audiences and interest groups. USENIX and LISA projects and conferences have a reputation, not only for spanning a wide range of topics without sacrificing high-quality technical content, but also for providing the very best in food and accommodation. Becoming a USENIX and LISA partner means being in touch with the innovators and creators of the computer industry on an international level.

    If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with USENIX and/or LISA, email

What about email and e-newsletters?

USENIX and LISA retain exclusive rights to the use of email-based communication with our members. We do not offer email addresses for rent or trade, nor do we send email announcements to our members for advertising purposes.

For more information, please email