SRE (and DevOps) at a Startup

Monday, October 29, 2018 - 4:00 pm4:30 pm

Craig Sebenik, Split


The Google "SRE book" gives a great explanation of what SRE does. That model works great for LinkedIn or Facebook. But, what happens when you loose some of those economies of scale? How do you implement those paradigms when the company (or team within a larger corporation) is only a couple of dozen people?

In this talk, I will discuss 2 different approaches; a centralized team that supports development versus a more distributed team that include developers themselves.

I have witnessed both approaches at different startups. I will finish up with the lessons learned and the pitfalls implementing either approach at another company.

Craig Sebenik, Split

Currently, an Infrastructure Engineer at Split. I have been at large companies and small ones. I have seen amazing growth (at LinkedIn and NetApp) and a couple completely fall apart. I am passionate about how SRE (and DevOps) can change how online software is developed and managed.

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