LISA18 Information for Presenters

Welcome to all LISA18 presenters! We're so glad that you'll be joining us in Nashville, TN, USA.


If you have questions, please contact the Conference Department or your Program Co-Chairs, Rikki Endsley and Brendan Gregg.

To-Do List

  • Sign your Consent-to-Publish form.
    • USENIX requires a signed consent form from all presenters, which allows us to publish the audio and/or video of your talk. USENIX makes these freely available to the public as part of our commitment to open access. Review and e-sign the LISA18 Consent Form for Talks and Panels.
    • If you are presenting a training session, please review and e-sign the LISA18 Consent Form for Trainers. USENIX recognizes the time and effort you put into crafting and presenting an excellent training session, and offers a $250 honorarium to instructors of 45-minute sessions, and $500 for 90-minute sessions. If you wish to receive an honorarium, you must indicate this choice on the consent-to-publish form by Monday, October 8, 2018.
    • If you're planning to provide materials for a self-guided training session, please review and e-sign the LISA18 Consent Form for Self-Guided Training.
  • Register for the conference.
    • The USENIX Conference Department will contact you with instructions for registering online.
  • Read the USENIX Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Speakers.
    • Please ensure your talk follows the guidelines outlined in the Code of Conduct.
  • Prepare your slide deck. If you wish, you can use one of these LISA18 slide templates:
    LISA18 Template Black: black background with white text
    LISA18 Template White: white background with black text
    If you prefer not to use one of these templates, please keep in mind that slides should set up for a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Get your visa.
    • If you live abroad and need an invitation letter to apply for a visa to attend the conference, please contact the Conference Department as soon as possible. Visa applications can take at least 30 working days to process. Please identify yourself as a presenter, and include your full postal address in your email.
  • Email your slides (after the conference).
    • In order to make your talk available on the program web page immediately after the conference, please email a PDF of your slides to as soon as possible after your presentation.

Technical Setup

We will provide equipment for projection, plus the following:

  • 1 wireless microphone
  • Cables and extension cords: HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, and VGA are provided for connecting your laptop to the AV setup. Please check your device ahead of time and bring any special adapters you might need.

Laptops are not provided. If you will be unable to bring a laptop and need to arrange to borrow one, or if you wish to discuss any special A/V needs, please contact the Conference Department, +1 510.528.8649.

Promote Yourself and the Event on Social Media!

Please help us promote the conference on social media with the #lisa18 hashtag. Our attendees come from around the world to learn from you, so here's your chance to get people excited about your session. We've posted some graphics below which you're welcome to use.

Suggested Tweets

I'm speaking at #lisa18 in Nashville, TN, USA, on October 29–31, 2018. Join me!

Join me at #lisa18 October 29–31, 2018, in Nashville, TN, USA!


Feel free to use the banners below to promote your session at LISA18. Contact the Communications Department if you need a different size.

I'm Speaking

LISA18 I'm Speaking button

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Join Me

LISA18 Join Me button

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