Up and Running Serverless: A Practical Development Workflow for AWS Serverless

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 11:00 am12:30 pm

Tom McLaughlin, ServerlessOps


This workshop will walk participants through a practical development workflow for AWS serverless systems. It introduces the participants to both serverless architecture and the tools to get up and running. This workshop starts by introducing the audience to a basic monolithic 3-tier serverless web application to familiarize them with the basics of serverless architecture. It proceeds to decompose the application into microservices and introduce them to how Serverless Framework is used to create serverless services. Finally, the participant will be tasked with adding a rudimentary feature to the application as an application of what was learned in the first two modules.

Someone should leave the workshop with an introductory understanding of serverless and the knowledge to continue exploring on their own.

Tom McLaughlin, ServerlessOps

Tom is the founder of ServerlessOps and an experienced operations engineer. He started ServerlessOps after he asked the question, what would he do if servers went away? At a loss for an answer and interested in the future of his profession, he decided to pursue the answer. Tom is actively engaged in promoting serverless infrastructure and engaging with the community to learn more about their thoughts, wants, and concerns are around the topic.

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Who should attend: 

Anyone who has an interest in using AWS Lambda and other serverless technologies should attend.

Take back to work: 

The audience should have the following takeaways:

  • Understanding of Serverless Framework and using it to deploy serverless applications
  • Understand how to locally and remotely test changes
  • See how to create a deployment pipeline.
  • Lead the conversation in your organization over how you'll adopt serverless and best practices to help ensure its success.
Topics include: 

AWS serverless, serverless reliability, serverless testing, CI/CD


A user attending this workshop should be familiar with the following:

  • Unix(-like) command line usage
  • Basic AWS familiarity
  • an AWS account of their own they can freely experiment in.
  • Installing NodeJS and dependency packages
  • Installing Python and dependency packages

An AWS account is absolutely necessary.