Unikraft: Unikernels Made Easy

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 5:00 pm5:30 pm

Simon Kuenzer, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH


Unikernels are still terrible to develop and maintain. Applications have to be ported manually to non-standard OSes before gaining from impressive benefits, like superb performance, great isolation, and a small trusted compute. Unikernels can be instantiated in tens of milliseconds or less. They are tiny with low memory footprints of a few MBs or even KBs. They can achieve high network throughput of 10-40 Gb/s with a single CPU core and they enable running thousands of concurrent instances.

We are going to present the Xen/Linux Foundation's open source Unikraft project. Its high level goal is to provide an automated tool to build unikernels without requiring the time-consuming, expert work as today. In addition, Unikraft targets support for multiple "platforms": Xen, KVM, containers and bare-metal. Images are automatically produced for multiple of these platforms without requiring any additional time from users.

Simon Kuenzer, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

Simon is a senior systems researcher passionate in virtualization and Unikernels. He works for NEC Labs since the past 6 years and has expertise in NFV and fast packet frameworks like Intel DPDK and Netmap. He is the maintainer of Unikraft, a Unikernel build framework that got released open source as incubator under the Xen project and Linux Foundation. Simon does currently his Ph.D. at University of Liege and received his Diploma degree in computer science with focus on robotics and operating systems at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.

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