Chaos Engineering

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 - 4:45 pm5:15 pm
Nora Jones, Netflix

Chaos Engineering is a helpful tool in understanding your system’s unknowns, but it is not the means to an end for achieving resilience. Instead, it helps to instill higher confidence in the ability to cope and be resilient in the face of inevitable failures.

This session will go over lessons learned and the impact to this confidence that Chaos Engineering has had at Netflix. As John Allspaw has said, "Resilience is the story of the outage that didn’t happen." The session will cover those stories from Chaos vulnerabilities that the Netflix team has found, how we follow those vulnerabilities, and how Chaos Engineering is incorporated into our day-to-day culture.

Nora Jones, Netflix

Nora is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix and a student of Human Factors and Systems Safety at Lund University. She is passionate about resilient software, people, and the intersection of those two worlds.

She recently co-wrote the book on Chaos Engineering with her teammates at Netflix and keynoted AWS re:Invent to an audience of over 40,000 people about the benefits and business case behind implementing Chaos Engineering.

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