Mastering Near-Real-Time Telemetry and Big Data: Invaluable Superpowers for Ordinary SREs

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 2:00 pm2:30 pm

Ivan Ivanov, Netflix


One of fundamental requirements for typical SRE team is the capability to have solid operational insights into the holistic state of the supported system. This usually involves collecting, aggregating, correlating, visualizing and reacting on data generated by diverse set of data sources.

As part of this talk I will go through the high level approach, sample data sources, and some implementation details, used by the Netflix Open Connect CDN Reliability engineering team while supporting the infrastructure and services hosted on thousands of physical servers and providing streaming video delivery for hundreds of millions of clients.

I will cover some samples of the usage of Hive, Presto, Spark, Elasticsearch, Tableau, and Netflix developed tools for monitoring, alerting, debugging, long term analysis, planning, etc. I will also speak about the benefits of correlating detailed data from server and client reported telemetry.

For clarity—this is not a talk about how to build, implement, develop or support Big Data or near real time telemetry systems. This is all about how you can use them as a platform and a powerful toolset for making your operations team stronger.

Ivan Ivanov, Netflix

Ivan is a Senior CDN Reliability Engineer on the Netflix Open Connect team. He has been designing, deploying, supporting, and optimizing online services on a global scale in various operations roles for the last 17+ years. He is focusing on service reliability, availability, scalability, quality of experience (QoE), service optimizations, investigating and troubleshooting server/client/network/application related issues. Prior to joining Netflix Ivan was Principal Service Engineer at Microsoft working on Windows Update, and Windows Store.

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