Developing Applications with Kubernetes

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 9:00 am10:30 am

Sean Dague and Will Plusnick, IBM


Microservices revolutionized the way we look at app development and is now one of the most popular programming architectures. Now, Docker alongside Kubernetes is changing the way teams look at deployments of these microservices. Kubernetes provides powerful production-grade orchestration for your "Dockerized" microservices.

In this workshop, you'll get an overview of Kubernetes, and what it provides for application development. You'll then go through the process of building and deploying a microservice application on Kubernetes.

This is a hands-on-keyboard lab, everyone should come with a laptop and a desire to learn. Attendees can use minikube locally, or cloud accounts will be provided. We'll cover:

  • Kubernetes basics
  • Building Container Images
  • Deploying the application with Kubernetes
  • Upgrading and scaling the application with Kubernetes
  • Debugging your application in Kubernetes

Sean Dague, IBM

Sean Dague has been an Open Source developer for most of his professional life. He's worked on numerous Open Source projects over the years including SystemImager, OpenHPI, Xen, OpenSim, NFS Ganesha, and OpenStack.

In 2003 he created HV Open, which runs a monthly lecture series on open technology topics. It serves the Hudson Valley of New York state.

He is currently a Developer Advocate at IBM, focusing on the areas of Cloud, Containers, Infrastructure, and Open Source.

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Who should attend: 

Anyone interested in getting a hands on overview of Kubernetes, whether they are interested in developing for the platform, or may need to support folks that are.

Take back to work: 

The take away should be a firm understanding of the Kubernetes environment, and how one develops for it. It aims to expose some of the benefits of the platform so that people who are evaluating bringing it into their environment can have a deeper sense of what application development looks like on it.

Topics include: 

Kubernetes, Containers


None, we'll do it all in class.