Test Infrastructure Driven Design

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 2:00 pm3:30 pm

Joaquin Menchaca, RocketLawyer


Many organizations struggle to eliminate tech debt with existing bubble gum and scripts or change configuration code, or look toward adopting immutable production patterns with Docker and Kubernetes. The question is how to do this and build confidence that when modules or whole systems are swapped out everything will still work.

Joaquin Menchaca, RocketLawyer

Joaquin started in the industry straight out of highschool at Apple Computer as a QA Engineer and later a Tool Developer. As QA roles transformed, he moved into information systems as system administrator, systems engineer, and now a Senior DevOps Engineer (Yes, he knows DevOps is a philosophy). Currently, Joaquin is partnered with RocketLawyer, helping them transform their organization to apply DevOps principles that will break down silos and foster collaboration.

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Who should attend: 

Audiences interested in the automation of infrastructure, from development on the laptop, to production in the cloud.

Take back to work: 
  • Building infrastructure through tests first
  • Exposure to system test verifiers like InSpec & ServerSpec
  • Using open source test harness Test-Kitchen to increase velocity of change config (desired state) or immutable production, and infrastructure as code
Topics include: 

Change Configuration, Integration Testing (Systems Level), Infrastructure As Code, Immutable Production

  • pets vs cattle concept
  • immutable prod concept
  • iron age vs cloud age
  • snowflake servers vs. phoenix servers