Make Your System Firmware Faster, More Flexible and Reliable with LinuxBoot

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 3:00 pm3:30 pm

Andrea Barberio and David Hendricks, Facebook


UEFI has largely replaced the traditional BIOS in servers, but it is still often limited and has bugs which can take a long time to be fixed by vendors. LinuxBoot, an open source effort, offers a solution to these and other problems by embedding Linux into a machine's firmware, and using it to initialise hardware and start the boot process. Amongst other advantages, this provides significantly faster boot time, enables us to more securely netboot systems over HTTPS and gives access to real debugging tooling. We will talk about the advantages of running LinuxBoot for reliability, speed and flexibility, and how you can try it today.

Andrea Barberio, Facebook

Production Engineer at Facebook Dublin.

Currently working on LinuxBoot and Provisioning services. Previously worked on Facebook's DNS infrastructure and AWS's network monitoring systems as a software engineer.

My interests span from network analysis and security, to reverse code engineering, from systems lifecycle to firmware automation. More about me at

David Hendricks, Facebook

David ("dhendrix") has been involved with open source firmware and tools for many years, first as an intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory and later as a software engineer at Google working on ChromeOS and at Facebook working on Open Compute Project and Telecom Infrastructure Project. He is working to address challenges of development, deployment, maintenance, and security of system firmware at scale.

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