We Already Have Nice Things, Use Them!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 10:00 am10:30 am

Sabice Arkenvirr


An alarming number of companies are using custom tools to provide functionality readily provided by standard, and frequently open source, tools in the systems administrator's toolbox. From deploying servers to services, and maintenance throughout the life of a deployment, there is much to be gained by using an industry standard, and there are very few instances when something entirely custom is actually required.

This talk will delineate the most painful pitfalls of rolling your own tooling. It will also walk through the rare scenarios where custom solutions are acceptable and the best way to approach the process of writing and maintaining these projects.

Sabice Arkenvirr[node:field-speakers-institution]

Sabice is an automation & operations engineer at Quid and former consultant based out of San Francisco. She has worked remotely and on site with customers across the industry to help improve their processes and create a clear path forward for maintenance of their systems.

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