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 1998 USENIX Annual Technical Conference - June 15-19, 1998 - Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
Table of Contents   
Tutorials at-a-Glance
Each tutorial runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sorry, no partial or split-day registrations are allowed. See Tutorial Program Overview for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Monday, June 15
M1  System and Network Performance Tuning
Hal Stern

M2  Classic Topics in System Administration
Trent Hein and Evi Nemeth

M3  Inside the Linux Kernel   Updated
Stephen C. Tweedie

M4  Essential UNIX Programming   Updated
Richard Stevens

M5  Real World Applications of Cryptography   New
Greg Rose

M6  UNIX Security Tools: Use and Comparison
Marcus J. Ranum

M7  Introduction to Java   New
Prithvi Rao

M8  Introduction to Perl for Programmers
Tom Christiansen

M9  Internet Security for UNIX System Administrators
Ed DeHart

M10  Security Around the World Wide Web   Updated
Daniel Geer and Jon Rochlis

M11  Troubleshooting Firewalls   New
Char Sample

  Tuesday, June 16
T1  Solaris Internals   New
Marc Staveley, Consultant

T2  Hot Topics in Modern System Administration   New
Trent Hein and Evi Nemeth

T3  Linux Systems Administration   New
Bryan C. Andregg

T4  UNIX Network Programming
Richard Stevens

T5  Secure Communications Over Open Networks   New
Marcus J. Ranum

T6  Advanced Topics in Java: Java Security and Java Beans   New
Prithvi Rao

T7  CGI and WWW Programming in Perl
Tom Christiansen

T8  Network Security Profiles: What Every Hacker Already Knows About You and How They Do It
Jon Rochlis and Brad Johnson

T9  Windows NT Security for UNIX Administrators   New
Rik Farrow

T10  Sendmail Configuration and Operation   New
Eric Allman

T11  Web and Intranet Performance A Quantitative Analysis   New
Daniel Menascé and Virgilio Almeida


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