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 1998 USENIX Annual Technical Conference - June 15-19, 1998 - Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Table of Contents
T7   CGI and WWW Programming in Perl
Tom Christiansen, Consultant

Who should attend: Programmers with some background in Perl and HTML. No previous CGI experience is required. Programmers without any Perl background should read the Llama book first. This is neither a "for non-programmers" course nor a "for guru programmers" course. It's for "occasional programmers," folks other than UNIX gurus who need to deal with CGI and WWW programming.

Have you always wanted to learn about CGI and other WWW programming using Perl, but didn't know where to get begin? This tutorial will provide you with a good start. Special attention is given to system security issues. All aspects of writing and processing fill-out forms are covered using the standard module. Attention is also given to automated web scripting using the module to write scripts that fetch and analyze remote documents.

Topics will include:

-    Configuring your server for CGI execution
-    Setuid execution and taint checking
-    Avoiding the perils of shell escapes and backquotes
-    An overview of the HTTP and CGI protocols
-    CGI-related environment variables
-    CGI without forms
-    Debugging your CGI programs interactively
-    Remote browser and user determination
-    All the standard form widgets
-    Generating dynamic forms
-    Persistent widget values
-    Cookies
-    Multistage ("shopping cart") forms
-    Saving forms to files or sockets
-    Sending mail safely
-    Virtual hosts and directories
-    Location redirection
-    Database access using flat text or HTML files, DBM files, and a full SQL database
-    HTML parsing and link analysis
-    Processing URLs by modification date
-    Negotiating through firewall proxies

Tom Christiansen  (M8, T7) has over fifteen years experience in programming, administering, and teaching about UNIX and internet systems. He has been involved with Perl since day zero of its initial public release in 1987. Co-author of the 2nd editions of Programming Perl, Learning Perl, and Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, Tom is also the developer of the Web site, major caretaker of Perl's online documentation, co-author of the Perl FAQ list, and president of The Perl Journal. Tom served two terms on the USENIX Association Board of Directors.

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