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 1998 USENIX Annual Technical Conference - June 15-19, 1998 - Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Table of Contents
T10   Sendmail Configuration and Operation  New
Eric Allman, Consultant

Who should attend: Systems administrators who want to learn more about the sendmail program, particularly details of configuration and operational issues. This will be an intense, fast-paced, full-day tutorial intended for people who have already been exposed to sendmail. This tutorial will not cover mail front ends. This tutorial describes the latest release of sendmail from Berkeley, version 8.9.

Topics will include:

-    The basic concepts of configuration: mailers, options, macros, classes, keyed files (databases), and rewriting rules and rulesets.

-    Configuring sendmail using the m4 macro package.

-    Day-to-day management issues, including alias and forward files, "special" recipients (files, programs, and include-files), mailing lists, command line flags, tuning, and security.

-    How sendmail interacts with DNS.

Eric Allman  is the original author of sendmail. He was the chief programmer on the INGRES database management project and an early contributer to the UNIX effort at Berkeley, authoring syslog, tset, the -me troff macros, and trek. He designed database user and application interfaces at Britton Lee (later Sharebase), and contributed to the Ring Array Processor project for neural-network-based speech recognition at the International Computer Science Institute. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the USENIX Association.

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