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 1998 USENIX Annual Technical Conference - June 15-19, 1998 - Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Alphabetical Listing of Tutorial Instructors:
Allman-Menascé | Nemeth-Tweedie

Eric Allman  (T10is the original author of sendmail. He was the chief programmer on the INGRES database management project and an early contributer to the UNIX effort at Berkeley, authoring syslog, tset, the -me troff macros, and trek. He designed database user and application interfaces at Britton Lee (later Sharebase), and contributed to the Ring Array Processor project for neural-network-based speech recognition at the International Computer Science Institute. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the USENIX Association.

Virgilio F. Almeida  (T11is a professor of computer science at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. He has published over 45 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and four books. He received several awards including best paper in the Compaq Technology Award in 1996. He was a visiting professor at Boston University during 1996 and a Visiting Researcher at XEROX PARC in 1997.

Bryan C. Andregg  (T3is the Director of MIS at Red Hat Software where he has overseen a redesign of the internal and external networks. In addition, he has changed Red Hat's accounting and order entry system from Macs to Linux.

Tom Christiansen  (M8, T7has over fifteen years experience in programming, administering, and teaching about UNIX and internet systems. He has been involved with Perl since day zero of its initial public release in 1987. Co-author of the 2nd editions of Programming Perl, Learning Perl, and Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, Tom is also the developer of the Web site, major caretaker of Perl's online documentation, co-author of the Perl FAQ list, and president of The Perl Journal. Tom served two terms on the USENIX Association Board of Directors.

Ed DeHart  (M9is a former member of the CERT Coordination Center which he helped found in 1988. Today, Ed is the president of Pittsburgh OnLine, Inc., an ISP that operates several UNIX servers.

Rik Farrow  (T9provides UNIX and Internet security consulting and training. He has been working with UNIX system security since 1984, and with TCP/IP networks since 1988. Rik has taught at the IRS, Department of Justice, NSA, US West, Canadian RCMP, Swedish Navy, and for many US and European user groups. He is the author of UNIX System Security and System Administrator's Guide to System V. Farrow writes two columns for ;login:, and a network security column for Network magazine.

Dan Geer  (M10is a vice president of CertCo, LLC, a market leader in digital certification for electronic commerce. He has a long history in network security and distributed computing management as an entrepreneur, consultant, teacher, and architect. He is a co-author of the Web Security Sourcebook. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the USENIX Association.

Trent Hein  (M2, T2is chief network architect at XOR Network Engineering. He worked on the 4.4 BSD port to the MIPS architecture at Berkeley, and is co-author of the UNIX Systems Administration Handbook.

Brad Johnson  (T8is a well-known authority in distributed systems. He has participated in seminal industry initiatives including the Open Software Foundation, X/Open, and the IETF, and has published often about open systems. At SystemExperts Brad has led numerous security probes for major companies, revealing significant unrealized exposures.

Daniel A. Menascé  (T11has published over 90 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings, and four books. He has received several awards. In 1997 he was honored with the designation of ACM Fellow "in recognition of outstanding technical and professional achievements in the field of information technology."

Alphabetical Listing of Tutorial Instructors:
Allman-Menascé | Nemeth-Tweedie


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