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 1998 USENIX Annual Technical Conference - June 15-19, 1998 - Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
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M5   Real World Applications of Cryptography  New
Greg Rose, QUALCOMM Australia

Who should attend: System, network, and security administrators; people who communicate remotely and require security; developers of applications which require authentication or privacy; managers who need to better understand what is and is not possible.

While cryptography is becoming increasingly important, and cryptographic algorithms are well understood, the problem is that actually using cryptography (either embedded in day-to-day applications or developing new "crypto-enabled" applications) is hard.

In this tutorial, you will gain an understanding of the capabilities of cryptographic techniques, some of the common pitfalls in their use, and some of the techniques for successfully using cryptography in applications. After completing this tutorial, participants will know many of the tricks of successfully using cryptography in their work or applications.

Topics will include:

-    Historical perspective
-    Brief introduction to cryptographic primitives
*    Random numbers
*    Hash functions and message authentication codes
*    Block and stream ciphers (symmetric ciphers)
*    Public key encryption and digital signatures
-    Useful tools
*    PGP old and new (versions 2.6.x and 5.0)
*    SSH (Secure Shell), for when you are on the road
*    Tripwire, helping to detect break-ins
*    CFS, the Cryptographic File System for UNIX
-    Cryptographic toolkits
*    SSLeay (public SSL implementation library)
*    Cryptlib (public general purpose encryption library)
-    Export regulations (an apolitical assessment)
*    how to comply to avoid nasty things
*    various recovery strategies

Greg Rose's  work at QUALCOMM focuses on cryptographic security and authentication for wireless communications, particularly mobile phones. Has written a number of public tools using cryptography and holds generic cryptographic export licenses for two countries. He was the program chair for the 1996 USENIX Security Symposium and is a USENIX board member.

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