Setting Up CI/CD Pipelines with GitLab CI and Jenkins

Monday, October 29, 2018 - 2:00 pm3:30 pm

Aleksey Tsalolikhin, Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.


Attendees will learn how to implement CI/CD pipelines in two popular tools, Jenkins and GitLab CI.

Aleksey Tsalolikhin, Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.

Aleksey Tsalolikhin is a practitioner in operations of information systems. Aleksey strives to improve the lives of fellow practitioners through effective training in excellent technologies. Aleksey is the principal at Vertical Sysadmin, which provides on-site training and consulting in IT Operations and DevOps.

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Who should attend: 

Infrastructure engineers, system administrators, or DevOps engineers familiar with Git who have to set up or support CI/CD pipelines.

Take back to work: 

Ability to implement CI/CD pipelines using popular tools such as GitLab CI and Jenkins.

Topics include: 

This Lab will cover setting up CI/CD pipelines using two popular open-source tools: GitLab and Jenkins.


Basic knowledge of Git and Linux system administration. Familiarity with basic CI/CD concepts as covered in "Introduction to CI/CD: Concepts and Terminology" (PDF).