Beginning Ansible

Branson Matheson, Cisco


This course will be designed as an introduction to the power of ansible across systems in a lab environment. Students will learn the basics of how ansible works, how to secure it and how to use integrations with simple services to create a powerful system to reduce risk and improve workflow.

Branson Matheson, Cisco

Branson is a 30-year veteran of system architecture, administration, and security. He started as a cryptologist for the US Navy and has since worked on NASA shuttle and aerospace projects, TSA security and monitoring systems, secure mobile communications, and Internet search engines. He has also run his own company while continuing to support many open source projects. Branson speaks to and trains sysadmins and security personnel world wide; and he is currently a senior technical lead for Cisco Cloud Services. Branson has several credentials; and generally likes to spend time responding to the statement "I bet you can't...."

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Who should attend: 

Any Sysadmin or SysEng that has to support multiple systems at scale.

Take back to work: 

Members will be able to construct a simple but powerful ansible implementation when they get back to their environment.

Topics include: 
  • Ansible
  • Programming
  • Python
  • Shell
  • Comfortable at unix command line
  • Basic understand of programming
  • YAML is a benefit