Kali Linux for Sysadmins: Offense

Branson Matheson, Cisco


This class will work in a structured environment and teach a student how to perform basic security tasks in a closed environment. The student will use nmap to discover vulnerabilities on a host, discuss methods to validate the vulnerabilities, and use basic command-line tools as well as metasploit to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Branson Matheson, Cisco

Branson is a 30-year veteran of system architecture, administration, and security. He started as a cryptologist for the US Navy and has since worked on NASA shuttle and aerospace projects, TSA security and monitoring systems, secure mobile communications, and Internet search engines. He has also run his own company while continuing to support many open source projects. Branson speaks to and trains sysadmins and security personnel world wide; and he is currently a senior technical lead for Cisco Cloud Services. Branson has several credentials; and generally likes to spend time responding to the statement "I bet you can't...."

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Who should attend: 

Anyone who is interested in security and learning the basics of vulnerability discovery, validation, and exploitation

Take back to work: 

This will give the student a great starting point to learn more about offensive security. The toolkits used will be available to download as well as pointers to more advanced topics and excercises.

Topics include: 
  • Security as a basic tenant of system administration
  • Using nmap to discover hosts
  • Testing with basic tools for accessibility
  • Using Metasploit to gain access
  • Should be very familiar with the unix command line including sudo(1)
  • Should be familiar with SSH
  • Should understand basic TCP/IP including IP, tcp/udp, and ports