How to Give Effective Training

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 11:45 am12:30 pm

Branson Matheson, Cisco


As conference attendees, we have respect for those that stand before us to give forth upon topics diverse and engaging. It's always been said that public speaking is a challenge, and infront of technical peers it can seem more difficult but it doesn't have to be. We will discuss taking a training course and developing it into an entertaining presentation that will facilitate the learning process and leave a lasting impression upon attendees. We will discuss several methods for preparing to give a presentation, ways to improve existing material and tips and techniques for enhancing the experience for both students and instructor. Shakespeare said "the play's the thing" and while you won't be ready to perform as Elphaba, you will have a toolkit of methods and thoughts to improve your presentations.

Branson Matheson, Cisco

Branson is a 30-year veteran of system architecture, administration, and security. He started as a cryptologist for the US Navy and has since worked on NASA shuttle and aerospace projects, TSA security and monitoring systems, secure mobile communications, and Internet search engines. He has also run his own company while continuing to support many open source projects. Branson speaks to and trains sysadmins and security personnel world wide; and he is currently a senior technical lead for Cisco Cloud Services. Branson has several credentials; and generally likes to spend time responding to the statement "I bet you can't...."

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Who should attend: 

Anyone who wants to speak or teach more effectively

Take back to work: 
  • Ideas and concepts to improve your training
  • Techniques to give to others in your organization that teach
Topics include: 
  • Setting a Tone
  • Slide development
  • Presentation Style
  • Breaking the Carb Crash
  • Entertainment Techniques
  • Wanting to teach
  • Know how to use a presentation software