Amazon EKS Lets Us Skip the Boring Installation Process and Get Right to the Fun Stuff!

Peter Dalbhanjan


Some of the questions that will be covered in this workshop are:

  • How do we create and manage a Kubernetes cluster (we will provide instructions but also offer an option to use a self-contained environment with Kubernetes cluster already launched in the interest of time)?
  • How an application is mapped to Kubernetes abstractions
  • How does service discovery work between different applications?
  • How to scale, generate logs, and monitor an application
  • How to create a CI/CD pipeline
  • How to package and deploy your application using helm charts
  • How to store application configuration data in configmaps and secrets
  • How to use AWS IAM roles for your application so that they can securely use other AWS services
  • How to deploy and configure ingress controllers for your applications

In this code-driven workshop, you will learn how to package, deploy, scale, and monitor your application using Kubernetes and the AWS cloud.

Peter Dalbhanjan

Peter Dalbhanjan is a Solutions Architect for AWS based in Herndon, VA. Peter has a keen interest in containers, devops culture and open source. At AWS, Peter helps with designing and architecting variety of customer workloads.

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Who should attend: 

Developers, SysAdmins, Architects

Take back to work: 

Audience will gain experience working through hands-on tutorials and ultimately increase their knowledge with the Kubernetes ecosystem. Please review details on tutorials in the prerequisites section


Each attendee needs an AWS Account to get started with the workshop. We recommend you create an Account at least a few days before the conference. Review the info on creating and activating your AWS Account.

As an additional step, we recommend you go through 101 documentation and create your Cloud9 environment so that you can get started quickly with your learning paths.

ProTip! If you are already familiar with Kubernetes cluster concepts, follow 102 and create your cluster.

Note: you will incur charges as you go through the workshop guides because it will exceed the limits of AWS free tier. An estimate of charges (<$20/day) can be seen on this simple monthly calculator.