De-Obfuscating Talent Acquisition

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 4:00 pm5:30 pm

Lori Barfield, RaiseMe


Managers: Is your team’s workload growing faster than you can hire new talent? Do you agonize over which candidate would be best for your team? Do you have trouble persuading candidates to say yes, even when it looks like a perfect fit? Come to our workshop, we can help.

Executives: Do you have a manager under you who has open headcount requisitions so stale, they have birthdays? Send them to our workshop, we can help.

HR Professionals: Do candidate quizzes and cookie cutter requirements complicate the selection process so much, you’re turning off the real talent? Let us help you design a better process, a process that will resonate with you as well as your engineering managers.

The engineering team expansion process is daunting. When you look closely at how the sausage is made at most companies, it’s clear that engineering managers aren’t usually aware of best practices. The few who are lucky enough to receive strong mentoring can leverage that good advice their whole careers; the rest have to learn by making mistakes.

The goal of this class is to give attendees a distillation of best practices for creating new job positions and filling them. Taught by a long time engineering leader and hiring manager, it has a unique analytical approach that will resonate with engineers. This workshop will be the mentor they always needed.

Lori Barfield, RaiseMe

Lori joined her first Internet startup as a senior UNIX system administrator. When that company went public, she was hooked, and helping smaller firms prevail against well established rivals has been her passion ever since. She is currently COO at VerticalSysadmin and a chair at the SCaLE and ShellCon conferences in Southern California. In 2017 she developed RaiseMe, a unique career development effort for nonprofits, which has successfully helped people obtain their first engineering roles in the information security industry.

Lori is a mother of five and enjoys the occasional escape to the woods with her husband.

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Who should attend: 

Managers, HR professionals and others involved in candidate evaluation and selection processes.

Take back to work: 
  • Toolkit for making hiring tasks a more routine part of the job
  • Unique, analytical methodology for evaluating candidates fairly
Topics include: 

Excellent analytical practices for job posting, phone screening, evaluating, and selecting candidates.


Desire to be excellent.