DevOps in Regulatory Spaces: It's Only 25% What You Thought It Was…

Friday, November 03, 2017 - 11:00 am11:45 am

Peter Lega, Merck and Company


You’ve embraced the DevOps concepts, found your sympaticos, established a solid technical ecosystem and culture, and even delivered some great early results with a first follower portfolio. Now, you have entered the mission-critical regulatory problem space at scale. The traditional DevOps “goodness” and culture have taken you this far. Now it’s time to scale, with a whole new set of regulatory and compliance constituents and technical maturity needs.

In this talk, we will share the “first contact” experience with the long established regulatory community as we embarked on delivering larger complex solutions and the challenges and compelling opportunities to transform that have unfolded to enable compliance as code from portfolio through production.

Peter Lega, Merck and Company

Pete Lega is Director of Emerging Technology at Merck & Company, where he has been shepherding the DevOps program over the last 3 years.

Before this position, he led Merck’s enterprise web and mobility services, as well as providing swat-team expertise to ongoing tactical technical initiatives.

Prior to joining Merck, he was VP of technical architecture at c|net networks where he led development of several franchise sites (,, and He also held senior roles including Technical Director at Digital Equipment, Divisional CIO at Bear Stearns, and was a rapporteur on Digital Content for the European Commission.

Peter holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Moravian College.

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