Underpinnings—Container Hosts: CoreOS and Project Atomic

Marina Room
Half Day Morning
9:00 am12:30 pm
LISA17: Architecture

In this talk I outline the characteristics that define a "container host", an OS tuned to run software in containers. Explore the benefits and peculiarities of a stripped down, light weight minimal OS image and the implications for CM and update strategies.

Then I explore the architecture of two common container hosts, CoreOS and Project Atomic. Each has characteristics that make it suitable for different environments. Users will install one of the two environments and follow along probing and observing how a container host differs in operation from a conventional package based host.

Finally I will look at how a sysadmin's day to day tasks and operations will differ when running infrastructure services and providing application runtime environments for developers and users on container hosts. We will establish base network services (DNS, NTP, Authentication) on container hosts as well as installing and demonstrating utility containers to provide standard admin tools that are stripped from light-weight hosts.

Who should attend: 

Sysadmins and service designers interested in learning to use container hosts to reduce host management.

Participation requires access to local or cloud VM service.

Take back to work: 

Attendees will understand the goals and basic design requirements for container hosts. They will get an overview of the design of both CoreOS and Atomic host, highlighting the differences in architecture and how these inform the choice of container host for an installation.

They will learn how to boot and integrate container hosts into their existing infrastructure. They will know how to install and use traditional host tools from containers and how to manage, update and customize container hosts.

They will create a sample cluster of either CoreOS or Atomic hosts in a demo environment.

Topics include: 
  • Container Hosts
  • Large Scale Container Infrastructure
  • Atomic Host and CoreOS architecture
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