Setting up CI/CD Pipelines

Garden Room
Half Day Afternoon
1:30 pm5:00 pm
LISA17: Engineering

Attendees will learn how CI/CD pipelines can increase IT velocity (from Dev to Ops), increase code quality and lower risk; and will learn how to implement CI/CD pipelines in two popular tools, Jenkins and GitLab CI.

Who should attend: 

Infrastructure engineers, system administrators, or DevOps engineers familiar with Git who have to set up or support CI/CD pipelines.

Take back to work: 

Familiarity with CI/CD concepts; ability to implement CI/CD pipelines using popular tools such as Jenkins and GitLab CI.

Topics include: 
  • Introduction and orientation
    • Origin of Continuous Integration (CI) at ThoughtWorks
    • Widespread adoption; how CI relates to DevOps
    • Basic tasks: Build, Test, Deploy
  • Jenkins
    • Overview and Architecture
    • Definition of Key Terms
    • Building, Testing and Deploying (with hands-on lab)
    • Checking Pipeline status with Jenkins Blue Ocean UI
    • Troubleshooting
  • GitLab CI
    • Architecture: GitLab, GitLab CI Multi Runner, ephemeral test environments
    • Definitions: pipeline, stage, job, build, runner, environment, artifact, cache
    • Setting up runners: adding job runners; host instance types (shell, Docker, ssh, etc.); runner/job tags
    • Building, Testing, and Deploying (with hands-on lab)
    • Troubleshooting: build logs; enabling verbose builds; increasing "loglevel"; interactive access to containers
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