Service Management with systemd

Bayview Room
Half Day Afternoon
1:30 pm5:00 pm
LISA17: Engineering

Tasks like management and maintenance of services that are critical to the business are on the daily TODO list of every system administrator. Also, containers and micro-service based architectures create the reality in which number of services that sysadmin has to manage is ever growing. To successfully manage thousands of services we need smart tools that can help us. In this session, we will look at systemd. Init system and service manager used by all major Linux distributions. Session will be a hands-on, interactive look at the architecture, capabilities, and administrative how-tos of systemd. Anyone who is new to systemd or looking to dig deeper into some of the advanced features should attend. Please bring a laptop with a virtual machine running a distribution of your choice that uses systemd.

Who should attend: 

Linux system administrators, package maintainers and developers who are transitioning to systemd, or who are considering doing so.

Take back to work: 

Understanding of how systemd works, where to find the configuration files, and how to maintain them.

Topics include: 
  • The basic principles of systemd
  • systemd's major components
  • Anatomy of a systemd unit file
  • Understanding and optimizing the boot sequence
  • Improved system logging with the journal
  • Resource management via systemd's cgroups interface
  • Simple security management with systemd and the kernel's capabilities
  • systemd, containers, and virtualization
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