Introduction to R for System Administrators

Seacliff C Room
Half Day Morning
9:00 am12:30 pm
LISA17: Engineering

The R programming language and ecosystem constitute a rich tool set for performing system analyses, for communicating the results and importance of those analyses, and for automating the process with reproducible and repeatable results. This brief introduction to R and its ecosystem will provide a walk along the mainline — coming up to speed on R, accessing data, and getting results.

This tutorial will

  • motivate you to pick up R
  • introduce the basics of the R language
  • demonstrate useful techniques using R and RStudio
  • illustrate ways to simplify your life by automating data analysis and reporting

In-class demonstrations will be complemented with hands-on opportunities during the workshop. Additional exercises and data sets that students can explore following the workshop will be provided.

Who should attend: 

This tutorial is designed for system administrators who are awash in operational data and who want to do a more efficient job of understanding their data and communicating their findings to others. Some facility with programming and a knowledge of basic descriptive statistics are assumed. Prior knowledge of R is not required.

Take back to work: 
  • Understanding where R fits into the system administrator’s tool set
  • Acquaintance with R, R packages, and R Studio
  • Familiarity with basic R data-manipulation techniques
  • Motivation to learn or improve your R skills
  • Next steps to take in mastering R
Topics include: 

Analytics of System Data

Presentation Type: