Getting Started with Docker and Containers

Garden Room
Half Day Afternoon
1:30 pm5:00 pm
LISA17: Engineering

If you still haven't checked that Docker thing, but need (or want) to get started with containers, this tutorial is for you!

After a short introduction explaining various usage scenarios for containers, we will roll up the sleeves of our T-shirts, and run a few simple containers through the Docker CLI. We will explain the difference between containers and images, and write a Dockerfile to build an image for a trivial application. Finally, we will present Compose, a tool to build, run, and manage stacks with multiple containers.

No prior knowledge of Docker is needed. If you know how to interact with the UNIX command line, you're set! Some demos will feature code snippets in Python, Ruby, or even C; but you will be perfectly fine even if your language of choice is Bash.

Advanced topics like networks, volumes, plugins, multi-stage builds, health checks, etc. will be mentioned but not covered in depth.

The tutorial will be hands-on. You will be provided with a pre-configured Docker environment running on a cloud VM (you won't need to setup Docker or Vagrant or VirtualBox on your machine).

Who should attend: 

Devs and ops who have managed to avoid the container hype so far but now want to catch up on all that Docker jazz

Take back to work: 

The audience will learn about the basic principles of containers: what they are, what they're for, why they have been trending the last few years.

They will also learn how to use the Docker CLI to run simple containers; build container images with Dockerfiles; start multi-container applications with Docker Compose.

This will allow them to understand containers in general and Docker in particular; use them in simple scenarios; and have a reference point for more complex ones.

Topics include: 

Docker, containers

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