Distributed Systems Building Blocks

Seacliff AB Room
Half Day Afternoon
1:30 pm5:00 pm
LISA17: Architecture

All distributed systems make tradeoffs and compromises. Different designs behave very differently with respect to cost, performance, and how they behave under failure conditions.

It's important to understand the tradeoffs that the building blocks in your systems make, and the implications this has for your system as a whole. In this workshop we'll look at several examples of different real-world distributed systems and discuss their strengths and shortcomings.

This workshop will include some practical elements. Attendees will be given some system designs to read and to evaluate, and then we'll discuss the implications of each design together as a group.

Who should attend: 

People working with distributed systems, who want to fill-in the blanks as to what 'distributed systems' are supposed to be.

Take back to work: 

They will know the basic building blocks of distributed systems, how to choose between different implementations as needed.

They will know the names and basic details on common distributed systems patterns, why they exist and what happens when they are not applied correctly.

Topics include: 

Distributed Systems Primer

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