Deployment and Orchestration with Terraform

Seacliff AB Room
Half Day Morning
9:00 am12:30 pm
LISA17: Engineering

Terraform is a tool for deploying and configuring cloud infrastructure in AWS, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Azure, and many, many other platforms. It is a consistent, robust, well-maintained alternative to clicking in a web interface or writing custom provisioning code against the cloud provider's API.

This tutorial will show code and runtime examples of deploying various types of cloud infrastructure in AWS, Google Compute Engine, and others. Interactivity is unfortunately not offered due to the logistics of billing for arbitrary cloud resources.

Who should attend: 

Novice- to intermediate-level sysadmins who to learn what Terraform is and what it's good for, why you'd use it instead of your cloud provider's web interface or API, and how to implement common patterns across several different providers.

Take back to work: 

What is Terraform? What is it good for? How do we use it to build/manage infrastructure? How do we scale it to a team?

Topics include: 


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